I passed my RPGST in 2004 on my first try.  Here is a collection of stuff that I have made, created and used.

    This is a scan of a graphic with the 10-20 locations listed on it.
    This is a large file 653kb, and very printable.

    This is the same graphic with the location left blank.
    This is a large file 653kb, and very printable.

I have used several different Computer systems, while using Grass Gamma, I created this as a cheat sheet for locating the leads on the heabox for the two different Montages that we used.  I have left this as a Excel spreadsheet so you could edit it for your own use.          
        Headbox Excel Spreadsheet

I also have started a collection of Comics that relate to sleep in some way or another.  I hope to keep posting more as I find them.

Orbitz Sink the Putt Game
About US!

10-20 Head Bitmap

Blank 10-20 head
I also hope to post some more of the items that I used to study in the near future!