Okay, so I found a second version of the Orbit Sink the Putt Game.  This one offered  $50 off if you beat Par.  Glad that there is a reward for better it.  Almost makes it worth the effort.  I beat par on my second try. 

Okay First Hole.  This one is easy.  Beat it first Try.  Aim as shown, should be the top arrow in the second row from the cup.
Sink the Putt Hole 1

And the Result:

Okay Second Hole, This one is hard.  I can't beat it, yet.  Best I can do is a 2.  Best Hint that I can give you is that you do not have to hit the ball as hard as you think to get it over the hill.  Aim for the bumper in the middle (the pick does not show it.) and the ball gets very close.

Okay then third hole.  For this one, aim low, even with the start of the ramp at the very bottom of the play area. 
Hole 3

And the Result.  Not Perfect yet, But close enough for the $50 off.