This is how to get a Perfect Score on the Orbitz "Sink the Putt" Game.  Yes I know that I have too much time on my hands.

Okay, now I have found a seond version of the game. You can find that one here.

To Play, you aim the ball with the mouse, and the length of the mouse indicates strength.  All of the shots below are taken with full strength.  All of the images show to correct angle to take the shots.

First Hole:

Aim for the nose of the airplane, the ball will curve around into the cup.
First Hole

Second Hole:

Aim just to the left of the ‘Tell a friend’ box into the lower left chute.  It will go right into the cup.

Second Hole

Third Hole:

For the third hold, aim between the second and third piece of arrow that you can see.  It will go right into the cup.

Third Hole

And thus we have a perfect score!!!!  Too bad nothing special happens.

Final Hole 1